ESL Teaching: How I Quit My Day Job!

re You A Teacher?  Learn More About A Way You Can Earn Extra Income Working Part Time From Home

ESL Teaching:  How I Quit My Day Job!

Like many people I know, I was working retail at a job I hated.  Everyday was the same thing - over and over again.  Leave your brain at the door and "just do what we tell you!"

But I knew there had to be a better way to spend my time and still earn a living.  In December of 2017 I discovered VIPKid.  I never had any idea that you could get paid up to $22 an hour to teach English to children all over China!

It's true.  I went through the recruiting process with the help of a mentor and was hired - in fact  - I was teaching classes the second day.  By the end of the first 90 days I had taught over 500 classes.  And I love it!

Teachers Who Are Native English Speakers Make Up To $22 An HourAmerican English Teachers Needed Now!

Teach English As A Second Language (ESL) from home

Do you have a Bachelor's Degree and at least a year of teaching experience? Then you can put these skills to use teaching English As A Second Language to children in China through the internet in the comfort of your own home - or anywhere you happen to be traveling!

You set your hours and decide how much you want to teach - and earn! Making an extra $1,000 a month working a couple hours a day is very easy with VIPKid.  Or you can choose to work a full-time schedule like I do.

VIPKid offers a real opportunity to make extra income working from home with very flexible hours that you can change whenever you need to. Kids are kids, and I'm really excited each morning to get up and see what they are up to.  I help them to broaden their horizons as they help me broaden mine.

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Teachers Mentoring Teachers - that's what VIPKid is all about!

Even if you have traditional teaching experience but have never taught online.  Both the company and other teachers/mentors provide us with tools, training, ideas and ongoing support so that we can really get started and succeed as an ESL teacher.

As your mentor, I will coordinate with you to be sure you are prepared for your interview and answer any questions you may have.  I have even set up a private support group on FaceBook where we can share ideas and materials.

VIPKID is revolutionizing the education industry by providing teachers with the most rewarding and cutting-edge online language platform for teaching children.
We give you the opportunity to inspire and empower children
in China by teaching them English.